Who we are

We are married couple, who lives in Mikkeli Finland.
We have  2 daughters, soon 6 years old and 8 years old. So our dogs are used to all kind of normal home activities and sounds. They also comes along with children (like staffies usually do, actually they are real nannies!! )

We like to go to the dog shows, and health issues with dogs are very important to us. We think that nice character, temperament, health and nice body structure are main things with our breeding.

Niina has passed basic course for breeders (Finnish Kennel Club). She is also a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Staffordshire bull terrier Club Of Finland and SuKoKa. Niina has been a member of breeding committee of SBTY ry in past. Niina has also accepted the breeder commitment of Finnish Kennel Club. Each puppy moves in to their new homes with sales contract and puppy book, registration certificate (Finnish Kennel Club) and comprehensive puppy packet. Breeder provides support for life, aswell. Each puppy will be healh checked around age of 6 weeks. 

We will also add new puppy owners to be members to SBT Club of Finland for first year, if they want so.


Niina & Nestori